Calling All the Weekenders of the World:


There are about 104 weekend days every year—which means that 30 percent of the time, we’re free to spend our days how we please and where we please.

So why not spend them traveling?

The Wandering Alligator is a travel blog and guide for the weekend warriors, aimed to inspire the explorer within all of us.

Whether you’re looking for a quick guide to a new city, weekend road trip inspiration or an exotic destination to spend your piled up vacation days, you’ll find your inner weekend warrior here!

The Girl Behind the ‘Gator

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Allie, nicknamed ‘Alligator’, is a journalist by day and a wanderer by weekend who believes that you don’t have to choose between chasing career goals in a 9-to-5 life and chasing adventure traveling the world.

Allie is also a rescue scuba diver and lover of all things wild and outdoors. She’s currently based in Southern California, a mecca for outdoor adventures, but feels lucky to say that time living in Oahu, Hawaii deepened her respect for the ocean and a semester studying in Paris, France kindled a love for French culture and metropolitan life.

The Wandering Alligator

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